The Workshop
Frazescos Lemonis started out as an apprentice immediately after elementary school, in 1975. He was introduced to ceramic art through the use of his profession’s special tools, “karouta”, “foot-operated wheel” and “wood furnace”. By going through all the stages of hands-on practice, not theoretically, he managed to put into full use the talent he inherited from his father and his forefathers. Today, he works in the very same space where his ancestors used to work, trying to retain the forms and the design so characteristic of Sifnos pottery. At the same time, he tries to cater to modern life needs always with ardent devotion. In his workshop one can find decorative items, utensils, as well as a wide variety of fireproof objects made of Sifnos clay, which he makes himself after carefully choosing the right soil. In fact, Sifnos is endowed with raw materials abundantly offered to whoever is willing to use them with affection and respect. Being a genuine Sifnian “tsikalas” (pottery artist), Frazescos is always ready to talk about his work and to create on his wheel anything that would please handmade pottery affecionados.